Hello From Arizona

Hello, everyone. Steve Clevenger here in Arizona with the Mesa Solar Sox/Cubs. Being the first blog entry I wanted to briefly to tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Baltimore City, Md., and now reside in Glen Burnie. I attended Mount Saint Joseph High School, where I played baseball and basketball. I was teammates with Gavin Floyd (Chicago White Sox) my freshmen year of high school and won a state championship in 2004. After high school, I attended Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, La., and earned a spot on the all-conference team my freshmen year. Then I transferred to Chipola College in Mariana, Fla., where I earned all-conference honors and the team earned a spot in the state tournament for a berth to the Junior College World Series. After the 2006 season, I was drafted in the seventh round by the Chicago Cubs and played my first season Boise of the Northwest League. I spent 2007 between Daytona and Boise and 2008 between Daytona and Tennessee. We won the Florida State League championship in 2008 under manager Jody Davis. I am looking forward to playing in the AFL for the second straight year, and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to advance even more in 2009. I hope everyone enjoys reading this and I can’t wait to hear from all of you! Thank you for reading.




  1. luvmycubz

    Good luck and I am looking forward to reading your blog and keeping up on the AFL…. it keeps baseball alive during the offseason. Have a great time!

  2. cubszureh

    Hey Steve!!! thank you so much for doing this blog, i love Mark DeRosa’s and im sure ill love yours…quick question, where do you guys play your home games, and when does the season end??? Id love to catch a game or two!!!!!!!

  3. cubszureh

    Hey steve!!!! thank you so much for doing this blog, i cant wait to read more once you guys get doing!!! Quick question, when does the league end/where do you guys play??? id love to catch a game or two!!!! later man and good luck!!!

    • The Cubs's AFL Bloggers

      Cubszureh we play at Hohokam Stadium but you can get a schedule off the internet on the MLB websit just go to the Winterball Leagues.

  4. cubszureh

    Ok so the submit button is messed up, it deleted 3 of my messages so i had to write them over i thought…but it actually ended up going through s thats why i have 3 posts in a row…im not crazy!!!! anyway GO CUBS and GO SOLAR CUBS!!!

  5. plink9901@hotmail.com

    I am a huge Cubs fan. I absolutely love Mark DeRosa’s blog and think it’s great when you guys take the time to write and connect with your fans. It shows how much you appreciate us. Good luck in the AFL and hope to see you in the majors!! Just remember to keep your feet on the ground and always stay connected to your fans. They will love you for it!! :0)

    • The Cubs's AFL Bloggers

      Thank you so much Phyllis I think the Blog will be awesome. It will be pretty cool to interact with the fans.

  6. johnclay3

    How did you manage to only strikeout 11 times in 264 plate appearances last year? How do you feel you’re adjusting to being a professional catcher? Do you ever go to the Charles Village Pub when you’re back in Bawlmr?

    • The Cubs's AFL Bloggers

      Hello johnclay3. You know I just tried to put the ball in play everytime I went to the plate even when I had two strikes I just cut down my swing and tried to make things happen. Catching is a very hard position and I give the guys who have been catching for years credit. There so much responsibility a catcher has when he is out on the field. I think that my catching has advanced over the period of time I’ve be doing it but I still have so much to learn. No I’ve never been to Charles Village Pub. Thanks for your questions johnclay3

  7. yninger@hotmail.com

    Congrats on your success Steve. I played at Southeastern as well, and had the chance to watch you while you were there. Looking forward to following big league career in the future. Best of luck!

  8. jettagurl4@yahoo.com

    Welcome Steve! Good luck in the AFL. Hopefully one day we’ll see you in the majors in a fabulous Cubby uniform!

  9. pdrosten

    Hey Steve!

    Pat from Daytona! Thanks for doing this blog, it’s a great way to keep up with you and the rest of the guys! Remember what I told you on the field after you won the championship…. You are the 1!

    here’s my ditty:
    Here?s to the Daytona Cubs,
    The champs of the Florida State League.
    They hit, they run, they throw, they catch
    And oh my gosh, these boys can pitch.
    For all the excitement, for all of the cheers,
    Your fans are grateful for a very good year!

    pat d
    Daytona Cubs Booster Club!

  10. rudyfr@gmail.com


    No. 18 Tennessee Smokies, we look for your return here. Best of baseball in AFL,

    Rudy Friederich

  11. pdrosten

    Hey Clev it’s Daytona Pat again,

    Wishing you and all the former D’Cubs a good fall and winter. We are planning on being at Fitch Park in the Spring! I’ll bring cookies! Please pass on our best to the fella’s

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