Guest Blogger — Nate Spears


Hey everybody! My name is Nate Spears and I play infield in the Chicago Cubs organization.  I played in Double A for the Tennessee Smokies this season.  I had a good 2008 regular season and the last three weeks they told me I was going to the AFL.  I arrived in Phoenix for the Fall League in late September and I did not know what to expect.  I’m staying in Scottsdale with two teammates, Steve Clevenger and Darwin Barney.  They sent me here to play more positions in the infield.  It’s been a success as I’m getting more comfortable.  After playing second base all season, I have been playing shortstop and mixing in a few games at third and first base. 

It has been a great experience out here.  Our team chemistry is amazing.  We have a lot of fun guys.  Rudy Darrow, a RHP in the Tigers organization, is always lifting people up in the clubhouse and making me laugh.  Van Pope, from the Braves, is another great teammate that always keeps you loose in the locker room.  I knew some of the guys that are on the Solar Sox, as I played against some of the Braves and Marlins.  Our staff of Rocket Wheeler, Ryne Sandberg, and Ray Burris are amazing.  They are amazing minds of experience to learn from.  Ryne has always been available to us, and he has helped me position myself on the field for defense.  Everyone has to find and get into a routine that works for them, and he has helped me find mine. You can’t ask for more than that on a staff.

Thank you for letting me share a little bit of my Arizona Fall League experience with you.

Nate Spears


  1. abracadabra

    I think this is so cool how all of you guys post about yourselves, so we can get to know you! I recognize a bunch of names from the Cubs farm system, but I hadn’t heard of a lot of the Cubs AFL players this year. Good luck this year!

  2. pdrosten

    Hey Nate!

    Pat Drosten here, from the Daytona Cubs Booster Club. Glad to see our former Daytona boys doing so well in the Fall League. Ed and I are hoping to bring Jerry Hale out to Mesa for Spring Training! Keep up the fine work and send our regards to the other guys. Say hello to Grandma Tootsie too!!!!


    Hello Nate! I think it’s great that you guys take the time to post. It gives us a chance to get to know you guys before you make it to the majors. You guys seem to be doing great in the AFL. I think it’s great that they are having you play multiple positions. I believe a player is more valuable that way. Just look at Mark DeRosa! Keep up the great work!!


  4. natscats

    Oh my gosh i like saw you (Nate Spears) !!! When you were on the smokies. Me and my brother went to a couple of games this year. We really enjoy watching the smokies. I used to live in Chicago but i moved down here to TN about 3 years ago. You know what, i have your autograph. you rule. I also have Doug Deeds and Tyler Colvin’s autograph too. Well congrats and good luck!! 🙂

  5. natscats

    Sorry the first post I put was a mistake. The one were it says “Oh my gosh i like saw you (nate pears) !!! ” lol pears bad mistake. Internet acted funny. Sorry again

  6. prosenivy

    It was great reading your blog Nate. I like having the opportunity to get to know you guys off the field as you come up through the Cubbie ranks. Maybe we’ll see you at some point during the season on the main stage! Keep listening to Ryne as much as possible…definitely a great guy to learn from!

    Prose and Ivy

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