Guest Blogger: Darwin Barney

Barney_Darwin.JPGHey everyone, Darwin Barney here checking in on the Cubs AFL blog. For those of you who don’t me, I was drafted by the Cubs in the fourth round of the 2007 draft out of Oregon State. I spent the year with Daytona in the Florida State League and was fortunate enough to win a title with the Cubs.

As the weather stays hot here, the fields are staying bouncy, leading to some pretty crazy games.  On Monday, we scored 28 runs, and scattered a bunch of hits. We all can’t wait for the weather to turn as it should in the next week.

The Cubs had a good day today, collecting eight hits. (Steve Clevenger, Nate Spears and I). Clev had four of them.

Our team has been hitting the ball, leading to a few wins these past few days, making the sun much more bearable. With the high Arizona sky and breeze, it’s making for a tough playing field. I think it’s a good challenge for the players in this league.
So far we’ve seen two cycles — well one cycle and one almost-cycle. , one by Ray Ray (John Raynor), and the near-cycle by Jason Donald (he was just a triple short), who is hitting the cover off the ball, by the way.
It’s been fun so far. I’m going to enjoy a day off on Tuesday, and if we keep putting games together, maybe we could make a run at the league.



    Hello Darwin. I’m glad to hear you guys are doing great! I wish we had some of that hot wheather here. It has become chilly up here in Illinois. You play SS. That’s my favorite position in baseball. Maybe we’ll see you in the majors one day. But I do have to tell you that Ryan Theriot is my FAVORITE Cubs player so I’d hate for you to knock him out of there!:0) I do hope to see you in the majors though wearing that Cubbie uniform. Good luck in the rest of the AFL. Keep up the good work.



    28 runs??? Seriously, that is a beat down and a half. Congrats! Glad to hear that all the other Cubbies are doing so well. Keep up the good work and maybe y’all can win the league. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch, one game at a time. Remember, this time is about honing your skills not winning titles (even though it would be really cool if you did!).


    The family is following you guys closely. Can’t wait for April and have you guys back in Daytona. Or moving on up. Mesa in second soon to be #1. Little Will misses the ball games at the park, he to is at Fall ball ::smiles:: AKA Little Steve Clevanger. He is working on his basic as you guys still are. Never stop learning.Keep up the hard work it will pay off!!WE are watching not as fun on computer but we are all here being a fan and part of Mesa Solar Sox.

  4. pdrosten

    Hey Barn,

    Nice to read about your AZ adventures. Hopefully the weather will turn there as it has here in Daytona. (64 as I write this). You guys can use your Flordia State League experience with the heat to get you thru this tho. Keep playing hard and having fun. Hope to see you all during Spring Training. If Stevie Melendez and Tommy Pratt are around, send my regards, Hi to Jody and the rest of the D Cubs guys too!


    Hi Barn!!

    Everyone here in Oregon is so proud of all that you’ve accomplished so far in your professional career, and completely miss seeing you in orange and black! It’s not the same without you on the field! I’m glad that things are going well for you and can’t wait to see you play again!

    Have fun and keep smiling!! 😀



    BARN!!! I echo the sadness of not seeing you in Orange and Black next season but am so glad you are making it in the bigs. It is really a win win for me, I am from Hillsboro and have been a cubs fan since Ron Cey got traded to the cubs from LA. I am currently in Kabul Afghanistan and had a U.S. Flag flown for you over the embassy. I looked up your address online but am not sure which address to use, the one in Oregon on the one in Chicago. Just wanted to thank you for the motivation, who knows, maybe my first game at Wrigley will have you playing. Thank you for everything you are doing. My dad and I are so proud of our hometown boy!!


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